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Our History

The Solar Memorial Lights were created by founder, Alan Carpenter, when he realized what a discrepancy there was between cemetery regulations. Between enforcing seasonal restrictions, rules about memorial sizes, and even those who have banned garden memorials all together, Carpenter wanted to create a product that allowed everyone to honor those whom they have lost. (For more information about Alan and his tribute to his two sons that he lost in separate car accidents, please visit this link).

His solution? The Solar Memorial Light. Small, easy to install, and solar powered (no need for batteries or electrical cords), the idea was one that could pass virtually every cemetery’s standards.

Using light as a memorial is also a way to seek comfort in a time of grief. Completely self powered and offering a gentle glow, family members and friends can rest assured their memorial light is working to spread hope.

This product is covered by patent numbers 7,241,023 and 7,172,307.


A variety of fonts, pictures, and other options are available so that you can create a unique and customized grave light. Browse our examples, or create your own design to find the layout that best fits your needs.

About the Lights

Completely solar powered – a sunny day is more than enough to keep your lamp lit through the night – Solar Memorial Light are a great way to honor loved ones without spending a fortune. Each light is brighter than LED bulbs, and easily lights a pathway, whether near a grave, or in an alternative location.

You could also place them in your garden, flowerbed, or anywhere else for a constant reminder of your lost one’s presence.

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The Advertiser News, April 2012


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